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Brief Introduction:
This differential scanning calorimeter is used for testing the Oxidation induction time for kinds of materials.
Oxidation induction time (OIT) is measuring the spontaneous catalytic oxidation of the sample under high temperature (200 ° C) oxygen.It is an index to evaluate the heat resistance of the material during molding, storage, welding and using.Oxidation induction time (OIT) method is testing the degree of aging of plastics in high temperature oxygen based on the exothermic reaction at the time of fracture of the plastic molecular chain by differential thermal analysis (DTA).
The differential scanning calorimetry is necessary testing equipment for scientific research institutions, testing agencies, and materials manufacturers.
Available standard
ISO11357:Plastics-Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC)-Part1:General principles
ISO22768, ASTM D1519/3418, ASTM E1269;
Test items:
DSC-500B model can test the following items:
--glass transition temperature
--phase transition
--melting, thermal enthalpy value of the product stability
--oxidation induction period
● This dsc calorimetry has Wide screen touch structure of industrial level, rich display information, including the set temperature, sample temperature, oxygen flow rate,
Nitrogen flow, differential thermal signals, all kinds of switch state, flow goes to zero.
● USB communication interface, generality is strong, reliable communication don't interrupt, support the restore connection function.
● Furnace structure is compact, arbitrary adjustable cooling rate.
● Improved installation process, all adopt the machinery fixed way, completely to avoid contamination of furnace inside colloid to differential thermal signal.
● Double temperature probe, make sure the height of the sample temperature measurement repeatability.
● technology, control the temperature of furnace wall temperature to reach the set temperature.
● Digital gas mass flow meter atmosphere automatic switching two way traffic, fast switching and stable time is short.
● Standard standard samples, convenient customer constant temperature correction coefficient.
● Software adaptive resolution of computer screens, each software automatically according to the computer screen size to adjust the curve display mode. Support for notebook, desktop; Support the Win2000, XP, VISTA, Windows 7 operating system, etc
● This DSC analysis tester Support user programming procedures, to achieve fully automated measuring step. Software provides dozens of commands, users can according to your own measurement steps, and combined the orders, and save. Complex operation is simplified into a key operation.dsc analysis
Technical parameters:
1: the range of temperature: room temperature to 500 ℃
2: the temperature resolution: 0.1 ℃
3: heating rate: 0.1 ~ 80 ℃ / min
4: DSC range: 0 ~ 500 mw
5: DSC resolution: 0.01 μw
6: DSC sensitivity: 0.1μw
7. Atmosphere control of gas: Nitrogen, oxygen(auto switching apparatus)
8. Gas flow: 0--200ml/min
9. Gas pressure:0.2Mpa
10. Accuracy of gas flow: 0.2ml/min
11. Optional crucible: Aluminum alloy, crucible diameter:6.6*3mm
12. Data interface:Standard USB interface
13. Display mode:24 bit color, 7 inch LED touch screen display
14: working power supply: AC 220 v, 50 hz or custom
Software:dsc instrument
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